Venice 2022

Scuola Grande di San Marco
24 - 28 October 2022


This website – dedicated to the OfS V Symposium, which was held in Venice, Italy, on 23-28 October 2022 – is being maintained and update regularly, on a 6-month timescale, to provide a reference point for all follow-up activities and additional results emerging in the wake of the “Oceans from Space” conference series. More information on OfS V, including details about the Symposium background, as well as copies of its Program and Proceedings, are provided in the following pages of this website. The latest post-conference news are listed here below.

The compilation of the MDPI Remote Sensing OfS V Special Issue is continuing and close to its conclusion. As planned during the conference, 10 contributions have been identified, and are presently being submitted, peer-reviewed, revised or published in final form. Two articles have already been issued; two have been re-submitted after revision; and two are still undergoing peer-review. Two more are in the process of being submitted, while the final two are scheduled for submission shortly afterwards. The Special Issue should be completed in early 2024.

The OfS V Co-Chairs have announced the birth of a virtual Non-Governmental Organization, The Pillars of Hercules Foundation (PoHF), which was created to continue the Symposium debate on climate change, sea level rise, and the fate of coastal sites in the Venice class. As outlined during OfS V, a possible solution to provide long-term, sustainable and affordable protection for all coastline of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, still to be analyzed in detail, would be the artificial closure of the Strait of Gibraltar, controlling sea level in the semi-enclosed basins.